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WHEN: February 6-7, 2015

WHERE: Jordanelle Reservoir - Between Heber and Park City, Utah

Badge-LeavittDEPART: 5 PM, Friday February 6, 2015

RETURN: 2 PM, Saturday, February 7, 2015

OBJECTIVE: The Klondike Derby is a confidence building cold winter camp that takes place whether it is 32 degrees or 20 degrees below zero. We will endure a cold night of camping, eat breakfast, and then participate is several hours of team buiulding competitions with dozens of other Troops in our Orem District in the Utah National Parks Council.

JordanelleMapPARENTAL SUPPORT: This is a perfect opportunity for Fathers to come camping with us and enjoy the cold winter outdoors.  If you are interested, then please immediately let me know. The additional costs are $7 per adult, but it is well worth your investment.  If a Father can't make the entire event, but wants to come up Friday night or sleep in his own bed and come up first thing Saturday morning, then that is encouraged as well.

RELEASE FORM: I need for each boy to visit the following council link and complete a health and release form.  A full doctor physical is not required, but the health release form is required. Download this form, fillit out, and then deliver it to Michael Leavitt at 1368 N. Main Street.


FOOD: Each boy should eat a good late afternoon meal to help get him through the early part of the evening before our dinners are ready. We will provide dinner for Friday and breakfast for Saturday.  Boys should bring their own water bottles. Be prepared for them to arrive home very hungry on Saturday.


What Greater Activity Could You Provide For Your Scouts this Winter than the District Sponsored Klondike?

The Klondike provides you with a “ready-made” mix of scouting skills, youth leadership, patrol competition, winter camping and downright FUN!! We stage seven different activities on Saturday mornings that will include for this year:

    1. Snow Sleds – patrol races as repeated each year
    2. Snow Snakes –three official attempts to throw the snakes down the hill and longest throw is recorded.
    3. Fire Storm – with kindling brought from home the scouts will be challenged to start a fire and either burn the string or pop a kernel of corn.
    4. 8 Legged X-Country – four scouts will tie straps to their feet that are connected to 2x eight foot 2x4’s and “march” a designated distance.
    5. Reign of BallsPatrol members are given a “Snapping Turtle” towel. They will be asked to work together to catch 3x tennis balls hit into the air.
    6. Race to KetchikanAn obstacle course that will incorporate things like personal fitness, knot tieing and various obstacles.
    7. Centipede Tail Chasin’A free-for-all activity chasing down fuzzy multi-colored Centipede tails hanging on the body of the “caboose” scout.




Michael Leavitt - 1378 N. Main Street - Orem, Utah * 801-636-6816 * This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Charles Thurber - 56 East 1430 North - Orem, Utah * 801-602-8338 * This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

PACKING LIST: Everything for a normal campout is needed, with an extra focus on being very warm. Here is the info from the Leader's Guide from our summer camps. Most of this is needed along with the colder weather focus on gloves, boots, and a change of clothing in case of bed wetting accidents...


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